We've heard it before: You have an idea for an app, and you know a guy who knows of a small company that builds them. Sure, that's an option. But did you know that Mercury has been creating mobile apps since Palm OS?  WinCE? Android? We've been there. When the first iPhone was released in 2008, Mercury capitalized on our extensive Mac OS X experience to get ahead of the curve. And we've stayed ahead.

That's why companies like Dow Chemical, PKWARE and Thomson Reuters keep coming back. In total, across platforms, Mercury has developed 200+ mobile apps in our 14 years of business. We know you might consider those other companies, but wouldn't you prefer the one that's the best?

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Do you remember when Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 2001 and debuted OS X? You’d better believe we do. We’ve used our expertise with that system to build awe-inspiring products for our customers for 11 years.

But don’t take just our word for it. Ask Symantec about how we contributed to its enterprise security solutions.  Talk to PKWARE about how we helped design a Mac OS X version of their security software.  Call up Barco to learn about why they purchased a competitor after we built the software for their proprietary hardware?  We can keep going.

Bottom line: When it comes to expertise in OS X software design and consulting, Mercury Development is unrivalled.

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Developing for the cloud isn’t just a buzz phrase. Today, it’s a critical part of IT strategy. Mercury Development has taken advantage of this technology for several years. In fact, one of our clients has maintained a dedicated team of Mercury Development staff to its first SaaS, and then to its hybrid cloud application, since 2002. So, yeah, we know what we’re doing.

Do you want a scalable business application built on clouds like AWS and Azure? Does your startup require cloud implementation quickly and at a low cost? Cloud strategy demands the right partner, which is why you need Mercury Development.

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Platform-Agnostic Approach

You need an app, you need it soon, and the developer must have the skill and experience to build the product, regardless of platform. Mercury Development's expertise in multiple platforms makes the decision easy. Mac OS X and Windows? We excel at both. Need a best-in-class smart phone app? iOS, Android, or Windows Phone – we've got you covered. Fragmented platform? Not a problem.

Mercury Development's in-house, cross-platform frameworks and established practices shorten your app's time to market while reducing overall cost. You need an app. Our platform agnostic-approach is the solution!

Our Customer Experience

“Mercury Development's ability to work directly with Dow's marketing department to implement their vision with cutting edge technology was what made these projects such end-to-end successes. The bottom line results speak for themselves: In 2011, the Acoustomize and CO2 apps played a significant role in the increase in BETAFOAM and BETAMATE product sales.”

Joe Gondek, Dow's Automotive Division, Strategic Marketing Manager


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